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M3MORY 3D is the summa of Una Cosa Mostruosa, an invitation to play and (above all) to remember, an archetypal catalog. M3MORY 3D is composed of forty-nine cards designed by the visual artist Giulio Scalisi. The mnemonic cards are inspired by the Renaissance images present in the Sacred Wood of Bomarzo. The game presents a variation on the traditional Memory game through the introduction of Lacuna cards: these cards evoke the temporary memory loss that characterizes the hyperstimulation of the digital world.

M3MORY 3D is a limited edition of  49 hand-numbered decks including a booklet of instructions. Each deck features an applied card on the cover amongst: Furie, Teatro, Bocca Tartarea, Terazzino Mistico, Sfingi.

A project by Una Cosa Mostruosa.

Mnemonic images by Giulio Scalisi.

Design by Gluqbar.


Una Cosa Mostruosa ©2021